Upholstery Trends

Looking for ways to add more upholstery into your life while staying on trend?  Here are our top six favourite ways...
1.  Bringing more upholstery into the bedroom is a nice way to breakup all the wood furniture that usually exists.  So, add a custom upholstered headboard or a nice upholstered bench to the foot of your bed.

2.  Modern bold floral fabrics are huge right now, so why not use them on a cute occasional chair?

3.  Furniture with nice shapes are all the rage, no more boxy sofas please!  This camelback sofa is a lovely example how you can bring more curve into your space.

4.  I'm sure everyone is loving the natural and rustic look that Restoration Hardware is sporting now, but they need to add some colour in their catalogue, don't you think?  A small pop of colour, like a colourful throw pillow, is a great way to add some personality!

5.  Mixing fabrics on an upholstered chair or sofa is such a great way to have some fun!  Just ask Sarah Richardson, who was the one who designed the pink chair above.  If Sarah does it, we should all do it.  Love her!

6.  Graphic prints are a great way to modernize a piece and make a statement.  This chevron fabric on this chair says "hey, look at me!" - So great!

Obviously upholstery has a lot to do with the fabric that is on the piece.  At Switch we always here how hard it is for the public to find good quality designer fabrics for sale, and so we want to let you know, we're here to help!  We sell good quality, designer fabrics!  See some of our suppliers HERE, and if you're curious about a fabric you don't see there, just email us and ask.  Whether you need fabric for an upholstery project with us, or if you want fabric for your own DIY sewing project at home, you can purchase fabric here.  If you are in Oakville, make an appointment to swing by and shop.  If you are not in the area and still want to purchase fabric that you have seen online, just send us an email, and we'll arrange to have it shipped.  Easy peasy!  

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