Upholstery Before & Afters

It's that time again - More fun reupholstery before and after shots!

Our favourite part about this sofa makeover is that the skirt is off {woo hoo} to show off these darling little legs!  Much better, don't you think? 

We made some major changes to these little tub chairs, and totally reconstructed the back.  They're looking much more modern now, no?  Mostly thanks to this beautiful fabric from Duralee, but we'll take a little credit too!

And this is a custom tufted, day bed style bench that was inspired by the Barcelona Couch {except it did not cost the client $10,000, which is nice}.  The chrome base was made by our dear friends at Anvil Wrought Iron, and of course we did the upholstered top in this wonderful faux leather.  Loving the look, aren't you?


  1. Wonderful work! Losing the skirt on that first couch was a great idea. It's sooooo much better now. And that Barcelona-inspired piece is beautiful. I want to reupholster my own sofa SO BADLY. Am trying to save up. One day...

  2. Wow! I can't wait until i have a project to bring to you!

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Thanks for the kind words!