Custom Upholstered Headboard & Bench

We recently did a sweet little custom project for a client that involved a custom upholstered headboard, and a custom bench.  We also made some euro shams for the bed, but forgot to take photos.  Oops.

This fabric was the starting inspiration fabric.  It's called Navy Fleur Chinoise, and it's from Caitlin Wilson Textiles, and it's totally adorable!  The client wanted it on a bench she was going to purchase second hand, but when she got there, the bench was gone.  She was pretty disappointed, so we said: "Have no fear, Switch Studio is here" and made her this sweet little custom bench.  Okay, we didn't really say that, but we did make the bench from scratch!  Cute, no?

 Our client also needed a headboard to go with her new custom bench so, yep you guessed it, we made her a custom upholstered headboard!  We used a coordinating mint fabric, from Joanne Fabrics in Oakville, {which is a perfect match to the mint in the floral fabric although the photos make the colours look off} as the main fabric.  We decided we were getting a little sick of making plain headboards, so we created a unique shape, and added the navy piping detail for fun.  

The custom bench combined with the upholstered headboard and the euro shams {which were done in the Navy Fleur Chinoise from Caitlin Wilson Textiles too} created a wonderful package for our client's newly designed master bedroom.  We're happy she's happy, and waiting anxiously to see photos of the room all put together - It's the best part!

Remember us if you are looking to redecorate your bedroom and are in the Oakville area!  We can make custom upholstered headboards and benches, as well as sew custom pillows, window seat cushions, and drapery.  Don't forget we also have hundreds of high end, designer fabrics for sale in our shop too.  We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

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